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How to test Bitcoin

Amal 3 years ago - Created

Step 1: After installing Bitcoin from - http://support.bitexchange.systems/support/articles/installing-bitcoin-onto-your-server?ht_al=NTkz

We check whether blockchain has started loading first

bitcoin-cli getblockchaininfo	

Leave it for sometime hours for the blocks to download.

Step: 2 Once the blocks are downloaded, you can verify by checking the Blocks and Headers count. If both numbers are equal, then it means the chain is up to date.

Step: 3 Navigate to “Crypto Address” Tab from Exchange frontend navigation bar and Select the coin BTC. Then Click Generate Address.

Step: 4

Once address is generated, You will see a green alert. Also in the Address table, you will see the address generated and date, time of the address generation.

Step: 5 Copy this address

And Goto Bitcoin Testnet Faucet - https://testnet.manu.backend.hamburg/faucet Paste the copied address and click recaptcha. Then click “Give me some coins” button.

Step: 6 Once you click “give me some coins” button, you will see a text above the box. It is the transaction id. Copy this and keep it in a note pad.

Step: 7 In the command line, type

bitcoin-cli getwalletinfo 

Here you can see the current Wallet balance and Unconfirmed wallet balance.

Unconfirmed wallet balance - When we transfer coins from testnet to wallet, with 1 confirmation the amount is sent to unconfirmed balance first. With 3 confirmations, the amount is transferred to wallet.

Step: 8 Checking the transaction with the transaction ID copied In step 6. Keep seeing the number of confirmations for the transaction repeatedly until it turns 3.

bitcoin-cli gettransaction ”paste the transaction id” 
bitcoin-cli gettransaction ”1010f4d1edcfff4f04d365e5ace7fecf5e85e65fa5d8e179f697097a3c63b44f”  

Step: 9

Checking from Cron

cd /var/www/html/cron
ls transactions  

You should see the transaction ID to make sure cron is running properly.

Step: 10

Checking in frontend Crypto wallet page

When the confirmation is 1, you will see under Recent Deposit with the transaction status as “Pending”. When the confirmation turns 3 the status changes from pending to “Completed”.

That’s it! Once completed, You should see the amount added in wallet.

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