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Step 2: Add and point domain to the IP address

Amal 3 years ago - Created

Adding a Domain

To add a domain, follow the Networking link in the Control Panel, which leads to the default Domains tab.

By default Domains tab will be selected.

Enter your domain in the Enter domain field and click Add Domain.

When you do, the system will perform a DNS lookup to see if the domain has already been added to DigitalOcean. If it has, you'll receive a message that says Data domain yourexchangedomain.com: Name already exists.

Adding DNS records

If everything went right you will be redirected to the domain’s DNS record page, where we will create records for 4 hostnames:

  • @
  • admin
  • api
  • auth

For all the records select the droplet we created for hosting our exchange source code.

After you add all the records, your DNS records will look like this.

Next we will upload our source code to the server.  Visit Step 3: Setting up server for installation.

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